Gallery VII – The Gesar Lhakhang

King Gesar Ling, the glorious legendary hero, is a god of war. Though he has the appearance of a wrathful military leader, from a religious perspective Gesar is regarded as an emanation of enlightened compassion. As such he is invoked in this temple for his aid and support against external as well as inner perils. Although during his (last) earthly existence he was ruler of the kingdom of Ling in north-west Tibet, he could and still can appear in any place and at any time. Gesar fought for good and Buddhism and freed human beings from the clutches of evil demons. He is the right person to protect Trongsa Dzong, be it against real enemies as in the past or against all obstacles to a life of harmony.

He is present in several different forms within his temple. His statue stands in the three-dimensional mandala, while a life-size figure provides him with an earthly body. Mural paintings relate his exploits, depicting Gesar in the nine-part armour of the gods of war.

A monk of the Dzong is exclusively dedicated to the veneration of Gesar and brings him offerings daily. While he is asked to hold a protective hand over the Dzong, the province, the whole world and the universe